A.L. Ward, author of The Inner Mind, The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul, Heaven, The Road Back Home, Phenomenal Expressions of Hypnotism and You Will Reap What You Sow, is a highly acclaimed experienced Hypnotist, Healer and Instructor, who has been in this field since 1956. His contribution to a massive research project proved that hypnosis corrected 'non-medically responsive' health problems and that a universally consistent pattern of negative emotions caused the physical deficiencies.

He was born in Tarkio, Missouri, on April 14, 1923. He was educated in schools in Nebraska and California. He served with the Navy on the aircraft carrier Intrepid from 1944-1945. On returning home he obtained a commercial pilots license with a flight instructors rating. He joined the San Bernardino California Police Department in 1955 and retired in 1980. Following retirement he earned a California State College teaching credential in Law Enforcement Forensic Investigation from 1982-1987.

A police investigation led him to several years of study with a master hypnotist, and he was one of the first to use this science in police service. He has lectured on hypnosis, regression therapy, and other mind dynamics at schools, colleges, service clubs and private organizations, and has appeared several times on television. In 1996 the National Guild of Hypnotists honored him with the Ormond McGill award for presenter of the year and is Board Certified. In 2003, the International Hypnosis Federation presented him with an Award of Excellence. In 2006, they presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

He was selected to assist in the Parks Research and Education Project from 1977 through 1980. This research explored the use of hypnosis in documented medical problems that were not responding to orthodox medical procedures. From this research he developed a method of exploring the origin, cause, and the solution of any physical, emotional or spiritual deficiency in a matter of minutes.

His most recent Honor:
The Order of Braid, which he was honored to receive in 2011, is an international honor society for hypnotism named after the 19th century Scottish surgeon who first devised the word “hypnotism.” Persons are inducted into the Order of Braid in recognition of a lifetime of service to professional hypnotism.

His memberships include:
The International Hypnosis Federation, The National Guild of Hypnotists, The American Council of Hypnotists Examiners, International Society for Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis. He is a charter life member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies Inc.

By using his method of hypnotic therapy, he has experienced that any emotional or physical deficiency of the human body can be fully evaluated as to its origin, cause, and solution in one session of less than one hour. The case histories and testimonials listed in his books will support and confirm this statement.

Below are listed numerous medical problems that have been resolved, often in one session of less than 1 hour, by his method of hypnotic regression therapy.

  • Multiple Sclerosis, brain damage.
  • Myasthenia Gravis, nerve problem of the eye resolved in 14 minutes.
  • Removal of a dead disk from the spine after 25 years of pain and restriction. Spiritual assistance.
  • Replacement of cartilage on the hip socket, Spiritual assistance.
  • Removal of a tumor on the mid-spine, medically confirmed before and after the session.
  • Diabetes. 70 to 100 units of insulin used daily for 8 years. Gone after one session.
  • Clogged heart artery.
  • Silicone poisoning after ruptured breast implant.
  • 1 1/4 inch calcium bone spur removed from a foot , medically confirmed before and after a session.
  • ... and many more are listed in my 5 books.

Books, booklets & CD's may be purchased directly from the author.

A.L. Ward
4977 North State Street
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Publications & Booklets

By using my method of hypnotic therapy, I promote that any emotional or physical deficiency of the human body can be fully evaluated as to its origin, cause, and solution in one session of less than one hour. The case histories and testimonials listed in my books will support and confirm this statement.

The Inner Mind

His first book, The Inner Mind, published in 1966, explores, as far back as records of antiquity take us in our quest for wisdom, the first mental giants, astrologers, physicians and philosophers. In their classical writings they have given us subtle hints concealed in fable and symbolism that man above all other creatures possesses an immortal Spirit or Soul mystically binding him God-like to the Great Architect and Creator of the Universe. A.L. Ward, in his Inner Mind study has given us a key which the door to these hidden and forgotten mysteries may be opened. It remains for the person with the inquiring mind and a desire for wisdom to open this door to many wonderful experiences.

$18.00 *
* price includes sales tax, shipping and handling in the USA

The Inner Mind Revisted

The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul, published in 2003, and is a unique book whose direct approach brings thought provoking testimony to the growing evidence that the mind of man is capable of penetrating into the world beyond. It is a significant contribution to the better understanding of hypnosis and the Soul of man. The author prods the mind of the reader into a new spiritual awareness and the certainty that a pattern and purpose in life lies within the inner mind of every individual. The book also lists over forty different medical problems, some determined incurable by the medical profession, which were resolved in his one-hour hypnotic process.

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Heaven; The Road Back Home

Heaven, The Road Back Home, (revised edition) published in 2008, reveals a spiritual expression that is present in everyone regardless of whether or not there is any religious affiliation. This book makes a good effort to prove that there are many orders of other life forms that inhabit the inner/outer worlds. He has shown that contact can be made with both positive and negative forces. In addition, he has also shown that by using this knowledge, healing and understanding occurs with regard to whom we really are and where we come from.

$18.00 *
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The Inner Mind

Phenomenal Expressions of Hypnotism, published in 2010, is about selected cases of physical, emotional and spiritual deficiencies that were resolved by spirit intervention and the belief and acceptance of hypnotism by the individual.

The many and varied phenomenal expressions as to what we are, where we came from and why, porobably would have remained hidden if not for the process of hypnotism. I believe that the mind of every life form is a record of its past, present, and future. We are learning to access and read this record of the human species.

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The Inner Mind

You Will Reap What You Sow, written in 2014, is the newest book written by A.L. Ward who has spent over fifty-seven years researching and compiling overwhelming evidence to this fact. Once a negative emotion or action is imprinted on the subconscious mind, a physical system will eventually be restricted or damaged. Depending on the accumulation or intensity of the emotion it will determine when and how the body’s system will be restricted or damaged. On the average it takes ten years for this reaction to happen. This means that the mind is giving you ample time to change expressing negative words and actions.

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The Inner Mind

Sex After Eighty, published in 2012, is a book which is more like a personal diary than a story book. In the contents of the book I have listed several sexual expressions of which I have experience all of them except one. I am just ninety years old so maybe I will still have a chance to have that experience. I hope the reader gets as much pleasure reviewing this material as I had experiencing and recording them.

$7.50 *
* price includes sales tax, shipping and handling in the USA

This small but powerful book is extremely well written and a readers delight. It is a brilliantly definitive romp through Mr. Ward's personal reality. This book is a dynamic mosaic of complete loving sexual expression and sensuous technique, while incorporating the wisdom of the ages. This must read book is a fun literary marvel, guaranteed to rock your world.

Well, I don't know about you but after reading this review I think I will buy at least two and reread both of them haha. Feel free to change anything you like; these are just my thoughts
~ 3/13/2013 - Albert

Regression Therapy & How It Works
30 page booklet written in 1972
(fourth edition published in 2011)

I suggest that with my method of regression therapy that any physical, emotional or spiritual deficiency of the human body can be fully evaluated as to its origin, cause and solution in one hypnotic session of less then one hour.

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How & Why of Self Hypnosis
28 page booklet written in 1972
(fourth edition published in 1992)

"One of the many unique wonders coming out of the records of antiquity is the fact that in all of them are recorded almost universal thought by the different sages and scribes who set them down in writings. Without exception to peoples or locations, man has felt the existence of a supreme power which has bound him in a mystic tie to that power, raising him above all other living creatures on this earth. Some ancient peoples worshipped this mystic power in the form of the sun, moon and stars in which ritual and certain rites brought harmony to nature. Others worship this power as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit through which harmony with natural law is obtained. While this supreme power has been many things to different cultures, all of the wise men of antioquity agree that man above all other animals life possesses a conscience, a subconscience and a superconscious."
quote by Richard VonArdsborg

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* price includes sales tax, shipping and handling in the USA

Natural Way to Better Health

The Natural Way to Better Health
16 page booklet written in 1972
(second edition published in 2001)

In preparing this booklet the author has combined mental and spiritual attitudes with natural foods and proper eating habits. This is so the reader can better understand why it is sometimes difficult for some to maintain a weight balance, or to regain and keep a healthy condition of the mind and body.

The author is neither a medical practioner nor a dietitian. As a professional hypnotherapist he has learned these lessons of mind and body. He is an instructor, lecturer and author of several books and papers relating to the dynamics of the mind. He is a consultant to doctors, attorneys, educational establishments and other professions in the use of hypnotherapy.

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Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive includes:
1. Guided Audio Hypnotic Visualization:
You will be guided through a series of scenes that will elicit from your unconscious………… Stream & Pool, Garden & Library.
2. The Stream:
A script for the stream as well as an audio recording of just how you can conduct a stream session with your client.
3. Video:
See Al get rid of a women’s chronic asthma in one 10 minute session during a live presentation to an audience of hypnotists at a Hypnosis Conference. You will also receive the written testimonial as later reported by Al’s demonstration subject.
4. A Live Video Interview
by Didi Verg from Miracles Of Mind TV:

You will hear Al talking about the miracles he has seen in his career. (Approximately 1:45 long)
5. Interior System Training in Regression therapy:
(Approximately 1:42 long)
Al Ward will teach you how to do 1 fifteen minute session with your clients to help them determine the origin and cause and resolution to their issues. 6. Regression Therapy & How It Works:
Book by A.L. Ward

$50.00 *
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Books, booklets & CD's may be purchased directly from the author.

A.L. Ward
4977 North State Street
San Bernardino, CA 92407
(909) 880-1980
email A.L. Ward at NapEZY@aol.com
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Book Reviews

The Inner Mind (1966)
The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul (2003)
Heaven, The Road Back Home (revised, 2008)
Phenomenal Expressions of Hypnotism (2010)

"We have read The Inner Mind carefully and with great interest. The manuscript is an extremely well documented and vivid presentation of reincarnation and hypnosis, which leaves the reader with a strong opinion that both these controversial subjects are valid and important topics for discussion."

"There has been a great deal of literature published which can only be labeled "quackery." It is refreshing, not to mention fascinating to read an objectively phrased, obviously intelligent approach to both these topics."

Reviewed by Anthony J. Parotto (in 1965), Executive Vice President of Dorrance and Company Publishers

"As hypnotherapists and other integrative care practitioners we occasionally stumble into some phenomena that make us delve into regions of unknown and unexpected. In the mid-1960's A.L. Ward, a San Bernardino, California policeman and sometimes hypnosis instructor encountered a series of events that led him to expand hls interest into the inner workings of our mind and Soul."

"In The Inner Mind, Ward details a series of conversations with Rebecca, a personality that claims to have special spiritual knowledge and insights into spirituality and the inner workings of the mind. I found it an interesting case study. I really enjoyed this very thorough documentation of conversations between a competent hypnotist and what appears to be a channeled entity. While I'll leave it up to other reader's level of acceptance of the 'scientifically unexplained', I must admit the ongoing dialogue is either an outstanding work of fiction or a brilliant insight into truths normally considered beyond our day by day comprehension."

"What I loved best about this book was how Ward attempted to tie all the concepts together in the chapter entitled 'Theories and Explanations'. My first impression was that this chapter should have been the introduction for a major book on hypnosis. His comments about the workings of the mind are some of the best expressed that I have found in hypnosis books published over the past 50 years. This one chapter makes the book worthy of the purchase price."

Reviewed by Tim Brunson DCH, Founder/Editor of 'The lnternational Hypnosis Research lnstitute

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Al over the Net a few years ago and have read all of his publications to date. I am a Registered Nurse by profession and instantly recognized the value of his findings and technique and how beneficial they could be if somehow embraced and incorporated into our current medical system, which as we all know, leaves much to be desired. I would love to study under Mr. Ward personally, but even moreso, I wish for a way for his techniques and personalized method of hypnosis to be taught and continued on, to be made available to healthcare professionals in all capacities across the board. I have little personal knowledge of hypnosis other than the hypnotists I sought out for different problems I needed help with over the course of the last few decades, and I found nothing similar to his methods, and the same with local courses when I researched the programs. His books have sparked in me an interest in the field, and a desire to find a way to continue on his work. Aside from that, The Inner Mind Revisted: Researching the Soul, has value to all who read it and leaves the reader - no matter their profession or age, with a thirst for more of the same."

Posted by Michele, comment in forum of 'The lnternational Hypnosis Research lnstitute

"The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul by the well-known and respected California hypnotist, A. L. Ward, is essentially a second , expanded version of his earlier book The Inner Mind, which was published almost four decades earlier. His tone and approach reminds me so much of classic hypnotists such as Estabrooks, Bernheim, and Elman. This book is a thought provoking volume that winds through a series of anecdotal case studies to include a continuation of one first discussed in his earlier work."

"Although this work is related to the earlier book, it is self-contained and complete. In fact, some ways I felt transported mentally back to his 1966 edition. Like that book he gives a very coherent recounting of how he got involved with hypnosis, some excellent background and historical information about the field, and provides a concise description of his methodology with appropriate illustrations how his skills were used for a variety of situations and ailments."

"His primary focus appears to be the use of hypnotic regression as a way to alleviate a subject's concerns. As explained on page 44, this includes uncovering a physical or mental deficiency, finding its origin, finding a connecting emotion and its origin, and then "cleaning" house. Even though I felt that I was reading the work of Dave Elman at this point as the similarities and apparent influence were more than a little obvious, Mr. Ward provides an elegant bouquet of case studies to show over and over again the validity of this method and experience."

"One of my more critical observations is that this book should have been published as two separate publications. The first 74 pages, which I have been discussing up to this point, make it a brilliant instructional manual. Members of the general public and experienced hypnotherapists could derive a wealth of knowledge from this material. I think that it is unfortunate that he did not expand on this. The second section is a continuation of a case study first described in The Inner Mind. In this assistance in a forensic hypnosis case led him to a witness who apparently channels an entity who is able to give Mr. Ward some rather interesting insights. Although this part of the book was very interesting, the hardened clinician would probably have to do some mental stretching to see the benefit to most main-line practices. Again, I wish that both sections had been fully developed into two separate books, as each apparently has its own value and audience."

"What is clear from reading both of A.L. Ward's previous books that he must be a truly remarkable hypnotist. His experience, sincerity, compassion, and competence are evident in every page of his books. His long history with hypnosis gives his case histories a value that should be accepted and respected the healing community."

Reviewed by Tim Brunson DCH, Founder/Editor of 'The lnternational Hypnosis Research lnstitute

"Author and hypnotherapist A.L. Ward's book, The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul is a fascinating read. Though the book sets out to explicate the research results of the hypnotherapy that A. L. Ward has done over the past 47 years, it is much more than a research piece."

"The first portion of the book is a collection of anecdotes and stories experienced by Ward over his long and distinguished career. A former police officer, the author turned his interest and study of hypnotherapy into a full­time job and a four-decade obsession."

"One of the most intriguing parts of this book is Ward's hypnotherapy work with his clients over the years. He outlines the evaluative process that he has developed during his career to help people deal with their illnesses. Through hypnotherapy, he is able to effectively reconstruct emotional, spiritual and physical deficiencies in a single session. Fine-tuning and honing his technique over the years, he learned to evaluate ailments based on their location in the body and their positioning on the right and left sides of the human frame. Many health practioners may raise their eyebrows at his simplistic evaluative process, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Ward claims to have helped innumerable clients over the years with everything from tumors and multiple sclerosis to heart problems and phobias."

"The latter chapters of the book outlines his work with past life regressions. One case that dominates the author's research in this area is with a seventeen year-old girl named Irene, who gave Ward access to a female spirit named Rebecca."

"Through extensive and repeated regressions, Rebecca provided him with an opportunity to speak to powerful spiritual figures on the other side. These spirits gave him encouragement about his work, his path in life and the role of humankind. Ward's work with Rebecca also gave him wisdom about how things work in the hereafter."

"All in all, A. L. Ward's book is a must-read for anyone who truly questions the meaning of their lives and what takes place after we die. This book is truly a mesmerizing work!"

Reviewed by, Jeni Mayer, publisher and managing editor of Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine.

"It is always a gift when someone who has led an unusual life takes the time to publish his experiences. The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul, recounts the career of a master hypnotist. The author has practiced his craft in police work as well as to help clients with healing, past life regression and spiritual discovery."

"Though not formally educated in medicine or psychology, A.L. Ward has facilitated powerful physical and emotional healings in many who sought his help. He stresses the importance of faith, both in the hypnotist and client, in creating a positive outcome. It is easy to see how Ward's strong personality and true interest in serving others work together with his skill as a hypnotist to inspire such faith."

"The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul, features the cases Ward finds most instructive plus a brief explanation of his method. He freely shares the wisdom he has gained and the conclusion he has drawn from exposure to people in deep trance states. His awe at the power of the human mind comes through on every page."

"Beyond the book's power to instruct, it fascinatingly describes Ward's apparent encounters through hypnotized clients with possessions, interplanetary visitors, spirit attachment, God ("The Leader"), Jesus Christ ("The Teacher") and a host of other phenomena. Moreover it presents information given by (through?) his clients regarding the Bermuda Triangle, Earth in the year 3000, and the soon-to-be-discovered Cure for Cancer."

Reviewed by Maggie Bryant and Barbara Stecker per request of Allan Hartley, for the 2004 Winter issue of his "New Perspective" magazine. Maggie Bryant is a Marriage and Family Therapist in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles and uses clinical hypnosis both in present-day and past-life regression.

"A.L. Ward has been a great inspiration for me in my work as a family doctor. I was fortunate to witness his unique method of helping people. His book, Heaven, The Road Back Home, is an honest life document of a self-made man, who shares his important insights into metaphysical aspects of healing. Unfortunately, most medical schools have no idea what he is talking about."

Reviewed by Franklin Sluijters, M.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist, The Netherlands


"Why "Hello" there Grandpa!!!!!! I am sending you a little note to let you know just how proud I am of YOU!!!!! After going to SEE and HEAR you speak yesterday, I am truly AMAZED at the impact you have on others. People are drawn to you and they seem 100% engaged in what you are saying. I am sure each person that has the chance to attend one of your seminars, takes away something different and something new, hopefully with that, is changed in someway. You take pride in your life career, and you do it with such passion!!!! God definitely blessed you with this, and in turn you share and help others....."

"I love you, as does each and everyone of us.....Keep up the good work, its keeping you young and healthy, and it is making us ALL PROUD!!!"

All my love to you always, Traci Anne

"Thank you for meeting with Ken and me on such short notice. Our time spent with you literally changed my life. I was diagnosed with Insulin Dependant Diabetes after going into 'shock' at work. When I arrived at the doctors office, my blood glucose level was 687. That was in 1990, and for the last 22 years I had been taking between 70 and 100 units of insulin each and every day, no matter how much I ate or how restricted my diet was, or how much I walked or exercised."

"Concern and worry set in a long time ago, and when my doctor told me at my last visit that I was going to have to have an Insulin pump, I became desperate."

"Ken had a CD of yours and after listening to it together, we knew you could help me. Ken called you, you graciously accommodated us, gave us an appointment, and in less than 12 hours we had driven from Utah to California where we were able to meet you, talk with (and laugh with you), and where I had a most empowering session with you!"

"My diabetes is not only 'under control', my pancreas was healed. To me, this is nothing short of a miracle. I am truly blessed to have been helped by YOU! I know you are definitely working hand in hand with God to have wrought such a difference in my life. Thank you Al, so very, very much."

"P.S. My AIC level is now at 6.2!!"

Jeanne Redford

"You have generously shared your wisdom and knowledge and sent me great help – assistance – guidance – knowledge and teachings through your videos, tape recordings and CD’s to help me in all areas of my life and my healing and my learning process. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for your generosity – your wisdom – your great knowledge – your out of this world training and patience. You are truly a great and wise teacher that has been sent – to help – to guide – to train – to lead – to reassure – to prepare others for what they are to know and do and be prepared for in the future."

Bobbi New

"Al Ward is a unique person. I met him several years ago and witnessed his abilities in our home with several guests including a known Swami, trained in India under Swami Baba Muklananda, his attendant and a few business associates. He led the group in a regression session with the group having profound experiences including myself. Years later when asked to suggest someone to regress an airman involved in a major UFO encounter, on a USAF base in Bentwaters, England. I didn't hesitate to recommend Al. I have had, in the past, the privilege of working with a well known Dr. Martin Orner, with the late Dr. Willian Kroger, in a TV special on hypnosis and feel Al is a truly natural healer and hypnotist."

Bob Emenegger, Author, TV Writer/Producer

"Little did I realize when I enrolled in your class at Valley College how it was going to completely change my life. The power I felt had never been so great as when your energy was transferred to my body. What a wonderful experience. The doctors are still mystified. (Virginia had tested positive for cancer prior to her hypnotic session) Thank heaven for teachers like you."

Virginia Hill, San Bernardino, California

"Mr. Ward. I told you I'd let you know if I received an "A" in Algebra. Well, last semester I received an "A". I use to fear higher mathematics but today it is my favorite subject. Thank you so much for the help."

David L. Wallace, Crafton Hills College

"Al, Thank you -for giving me the opportunity to attend your lecture and to meet you personally at the Gil Boyne's Hypnotherapy Conference in Los Angeles. I truly enjoyed your lecture. It was an enlightening experience! Your warmth, depth of character and sincere desire to help humanity reached many therapists in an astounding way. Your life's experience has given you wisdom to be an expert in the field of hypnotherapy and true spiritual healing. You are a healer. You're giving and loving nature makes your great healing power an invaluable asset and a wonderful friend to know. Al thanks you again for being a teacher and mentor and your words of wisdom an ever-lasting reminder of the art of "Love". In great admiration and appreciation."

Erika Cunningham, Clinical Hypnotherapist. St. Helena, California

"His process is almost too simple. He worked on problems when the subject was not specific as to what the problem was, and he still got results. This class not only changed the way I practice but how I live my life. His procedures made all I had previously learned obsolete."

Marilyn Ayers, Portland Oregon

"I have known Mr. Ward professionally for the past ten years. I have known of his work since 1961. I have seen his demonstrate complex hypnotic techniques and produce Therapeutic results for the person. In my opinion, he performs at a level equal to a doctorate in Psychology. His personal experiences and academic knowledge is considerable. His research has been outstanding. I have enjoyed reading his papers and book. I can sincerely recommend this gentleman as being most capable in his profession."

Bart Moore, MSW, LCSW

"Mr. Wards many methods of induction and quiet manner were a real pleasure to witness. We never knew what he was going to do. If we blinked our eyes we missed it. Insight on the connections between emotional and physical problems, has been invaluable. He is a gifted healer willing to share all his knowledge and beliefs."

Rabiah Barssali, Psychic Reader, Damascus Syria

"The sessions I have had with you and the class I attended has had a profound effect on my life. Working with you has helped me understand and release old hurts, free my heart to love unconditionally, and has inspired me to surge ahead in my work. The way you work is gentle, safe, private, humorous, yet you exude enormous spiritual authority. You know that God is your source, and your knowing enhances your clients knowing. And you do this with unconditional love. What a precious gift you are. Thank you for the freedom and love, and the joy you have brought to my life."

Susan B. Smith, President of Smith-Beck Seminars

"Just received your book yesterday, I, of course, scanned to the section on myself and found what you wrote quite interesting(page 43). It was so long ago, being such a deep trance person, I have no memory of the actual work. Obviously the results are apparent. I haven't finished it yet, but well written and fascinating. Ryan just came home from college and we're spending as much time together as possible. "The Inner Mind Revisited" looks spectacular!! I love the cover."

Diane Staley, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I can never thank Al Ward enough for saving my granddaughter's leg from being amputated after a spider bite (page 35 of The Inner Mind Revisited). I have since heard of two people in the area dying of this spider bite. One lady was in the Riverside County Hospital for about a year lost both of her arms and legs."

Elaine G. Strutridge, Crestline, California

"A.L. Ward shares his life experiences in such a manner that will lead the reader toward a higher level of conscious evolution. People driven by sickness, poverty and misery need to seek a better understanding of who and what they are. A.L. Ward provides a bright light to liberation and freedom. He is helping us understand the inner working of Spirit in its myriad expressions that affect our outer life and body."

Fred Leidecker, Teacher of Esoteric Arts and Shamanic Healing

Hypnotherapy Services & Case Results

In over ninety years of my life experiences and as the author of four books, three booklets and several papers on the subject of Hypnotism and Regression Therapy, I believe the most important message I have been communicating to others is that "WE REAP WHAT WE SOW."

When a negative emotion or action is expressed enough to imprint the subconscious system of the mind it becomes an offense to the physical body system that connects to the emotion. Depending on the accumulation or intensity of the negative expression will determine when or how offensive the physical system will be restricted or damaged. I have found that the average time for this to happen is ten years. This means that the mind is giving the individual ample time to learn to communicate without these negative expressions.

Once the damage has been done the process of hypnotic regression therapy is to determine the origin of the offense to the physical system, identify the connecting negative emotion, locate the origin of this emotion and do a reconstructi0on of that experience to a positive expression. Once this reconstruction is done we come forward to the present time and clear all the negative imprints. This entire process takes less than twenty minutes.

I suggest that any emotional or physical deficiencies of the human body can be fully evaluated as to its origin, cause, and solution in one hypnotic session, taking about one hour. However, there are resistant benefits. Some choose to deny or reject the solution in fear of losing the benefits they are receiving because of their problem.

The following cases are examples of the above statement.

Carmie, following an abortion in 1972, was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis and given only four years to live by the well-known Mayo Medical Clinic. During a hypnotherapy session she was unable to repair the damage to a brain system but was able to find an alternate route to supply energy to the offended systems. Twenty-six years after the hypnotherapy session we visited by phone. She shared with me, since our last session, that she had earned a degree in family and marriage counseling and was now also a hypnotherapist.

Eighteen years ago Sandy was diagnosed with Myasthia-Gravis, a condition that is medically listed as untreatable and incurable. It only took a fourteen minute hypnotherapy session to resolve this problem, which has remained resolved to this day.

James was diagnosed as having a tumor on his spine. It took less than a twenty minute session to remove it from his system.

Cindy had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and was being treated medically by having the arteries in her leg opened and scraped of the dead tissue, several times a day. In one hypnotherapy session she was able to cleanse and repair these arteries over night and was released from the hospital the following day.

Evenlyn, at age seventy-one, had grown a calcium spur on the heel of her right foot. It had a quarter inch base and was an inch and a quarter long. She was able to remove this spur by a mental process.

The problems caused with all of the cases mentioned above was due to negative emotions and were resolved by changing the emotions to a positive expression. All of these problems were confirmed by medical doctors prior to any hypnotherapy session and then confirmed resolved, by their medical doctor, after the session.

All of these cases are recorded in much more detail in my book, "The Inner Mind Revisited." This book also contains a list of emotional and physical connections, along with an additional twenty-five or more other cases, involving physical and emotional problems.


HypnoThought 2015 Conference Teaching
A.L. Ward is offering this 78 minute audio teaching which is entitled, "Healing With Spiritual Assistance", as a gift to all. To download, 72MB - MP3 audio file download, right click and save the link to your computer.

HypnoThought 2016 Conference Teaching
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The highly acclaimed Hypnotist, Healer, Author and Hypnosis Instructor A.L Ward is one of the oldest hypnotists to still be practicing. He is 92 years old and has a 60 year track record.

One of Mr. Ward’s biggest contributions to the field of hypnosis was when he assisted in the Parks Research and Education Project (1977 through 1980). This research explored the use of hypnosis in documented medical problems that were not responding to orthodox medical procedures. From this research he developed a method of exploring the origin, cause, and the solution of any physical, emotional or spiritual deficiency in a matter of minutes. A.L noted that most health problems have a universally consistent pattern of negative emotions that cause physical disease.

Through his astounding work in hypnosis Mr. Ward has been able to resolve the following medical issues: Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Damage, Myasthenia Gravis - a nerve problem of the eye, Removal of a dead disk from the spine after 25 years of pain and restriction, Removal of a tumor on the mid-spine, medically confirmed before and after the session, Replacement of cartilage on the hip socket, Diabetes, A clogged heart artery, Silicone poisoning after ruptured breast implant, a 1 1/4 inch calcium bone spur removed from a foot, again which was medically confirmed before and after a session and many more which he lists in his 5 books.

And for all you UFO enthusiasts, Mr. Ward was the Hypnotist who worked with John Burroughs in the Rendlesham / Bentwater UFO incident in 1979.

In this interview you will hear Mr. Ward speak about:

  • The confirmed medical miracles in hypnosis
  • The origins of disease and how we heal ourselves with hypnosis
  • Resistant Benefits or the self imposed emotional constraints that stop us from healing
  • How a man healed a back injury and a heart conditions with spirit assisted surgery while under hypnosis
  • How Mr. Ward was put into contact other world beings through his hypnotic subjects
  • About the Spirit World and Reincarnation
  • And his Regression hypnosis session with John Burroughs of the Bentwater / Rendelsham UFO Case


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